Get A Sneak Peek At David Duchovny’s Debut Album HELL OR HIGHWATER


David Duchovny is a man with many talents. Not only is he an actor, writer, director and a novelist – but he’s now a rock star. Duchovny will unveil his musical debut, Hell Or High Water on 12 May. ThinkSay Records will release the 12 track album that was written by the Californication star.

Duchovny’s on and offscreen sardonic wit should translate well into lyrics and the sound has been of the album has been likened to The Wallflowers (although it also seems to have a strong Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen sound). Things have been kept under wraps but ThinkSay has released a new single (get it here on iTunes) and a couple of track snippets on Youtube (below). This has the type of music vibe that Movies In Focus really digs – I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Let it Rain

2. 3000

3. Stars

4. Hell or Highwater

5. The Things

6. The Rain Song

7. Unsaid Undone

8. Lately it’s Always December

9. Another Year

10. Passenger

11. When The Time Comes

12. Positively Madison Avenue

David Duchovny will next be seen on TV screens in Aquarius and he’ll be shooting a new 6-episode series of The X-Files this summer.

Source: Papermag