German Expressionism Classic THE HANDS OF ORLAC Gets A New Release & A Fantastic New Trailer

The 1924 chiller The Hands of Orlac (Orlac’s Hände) reunited the star (Conrad Veidt) and director (Robert Wiene) of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) for yet another silent German Expressionism horror. 

The film is getting its first-ever release in the UK on blu-ray by from the masterful Eureka Entertainment‘s Masters Of Cinema series on 14 June 2021. 

Like with all Masters Of Cinema releases, The Hands of Orlac comes with a brilliant array of extras, including a new length commentary with author Stephen Jones and author/critic Kim Newman. A video essay by filmmakers David Cairns and Fiona Watson and an alternate presentation of The Hands of Orlac from the F. W. Murnau Foundation which was struck from a different print source which features alternate takes. 

Movies In Focus must seriously commend Eureka Entertainment on crafting a brilliant trailer for this new release – check that out below:

The synopsis:

Based on a novel by medical-horror novelist Maurice Renard, it charts the mental disintegration of a concert pianist (Conrad Veidt) whose hands are amputated after a train crash, and replaced with the hands of an executed murderer. When Orlac’s father is murdered by the dead man’s hands, Orlac begins a steady descent towards madness. 

The trailer: