George Lucas Clearly Has No Time For Baby Yoda – Movies In Focus Understands How He Feels

The whole Baby Yoda thing really annoys Movies In Focus. The people loving the character and making it a popular meme are likely the same people who say the Ewoks in The Return Of The Jedi were too cute and designed only to sell toys. That’s the same deal here, idiots. 

This photograph by The Mandalorian producer (and failed Ultimate Fighting Champion), Jon Favreau shows Star Wars creator George Lucas holding the character is a major fail for me. Obviously shot on the hoof, it’s supposed to show the Yoda creator cradling lovingly cradling the little space creature. The lack of focus and composition clearly shows that Lucas held the prop for all of two seconds before discarding it. There’s no love there. If he was really interested in the character he’d be holding it in a well thought-out piece of photography, not this shaking, amateur thing. 

The character is too cute and too contrived – and you people are falling for this Disney marketing ploy hook, line and sinker. It’s not even a baby Yoda. 

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