GASOLINE ALLEY: Decent Sounding Bruce Willis Thriller On The Way

Look, I don’t know if Gasoline Alley is going to be any good – but the premise is decent and so is the cast. Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson and Devon Sawa star in the film which will be directed by Edward Drake, the man behind recent Willis efforts Cosmic Sin and Breach. Written by by Tom Sierchio, Gasoline Alley is set to begin production any day now (early March 2021). 

I hoping that Willis will be engaged in this thing, delivering something which resembles a performance. I keep rooting for the guy, despite some very poor (yet very lucrative) career choices. 

Here’s the synopsis from Variety:

‘Sawa stars as Jimmy Jayne, a “bruise-fisted” boss-type who becomes implicated in the triple murder of three Hollywood starlets drowned in a luxury hotel pool. As the prime suspect for homicide detectives Freeman (Willis) and Vargas (Wilson), Jimmy takes up his own rogue investigation, bending the law in ways the police can’t in order to clear his name.

But with the killer skating through Jimmy’s shadow, he bands together with the two detectives to dangerously expose a truth much bigger than they had imagined.’

If the cast is engaged in this thing – and the budget is decent, then Gasoline Alley could be an enjoyable neo-noir. Fingers crossed. 


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