Flash Gordon Documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH Gets A Release! 

Movies In Focus was blown away by director Lisa Downs’ Life After Flash, a loving tribute to the iconic ‘80s sci-fi Flash Gordon and its star Sam J. Jones. Down’s documentary is both a wonderful look at the making of the film and a touching portrait of Jones’ life following its release 35 years ago. Since reviewing the film I’ve had a number of people reach out, asking when Life After Flash will get a home entertainment release – and now I can tell you.

Cleopatra Entertainment will release the film on VOD and DVD in the US in 2019. The doc drops on VOD on 26 February and hits DVD a month later on 26 March. The news get even better as the DVD release with feature ‘’extended cuts, never before heard anecdotes, Brian Blessed gems, just to name a few!’’. 

This sounds like the perfect way to release this excellent documentary – which will be a must for those who have caught Life After Flash on the festival circuit or those seeing it for the first time. 

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