Finding The Way Back: Oscar Buzz For Ben Affleck

A film about searching for hope after failure, Gavin O’Connor’s The Way Back (also known as Finding The Way Back) is a film which is honest in its goals and aspirations. It might not win any awards for originality, but Ben Affleck has a legitimate shot at taking home some gold for his fearless performance. 

Following on from their successful 2016 collaboration with the action-thriller The Accountant, O’Connor and Affleck tackle a story with less gunfire and much more nuance. Finding The Way Back is a compelling film which works because Affleck leaves himself open in a way that few Hollywood stars dare, especially when starring in a film which doesn’t feel like awards bait. It’s a career best turn from Affleck and the actor takes the material delivers an honest and bold performance. 

The Way Back is an old-fashioned and unfussy piece of cinema, which plays like it could have been made twenty or thirty years ago. Sometimes simple is best.

Affleck talked about the movie and his performance in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast. He also goes in-depth into his life and career, detailing the many highs and lows. It’s a great listen from a man who has endured and enjoyed everything Hollywood has to offer.

Have a listen…