Exclusive! Christopher Lloyd Tells Some Likely Stories In WHITE LIES

Movies In Focus friend, director Brett A. Hart is working on an exciting new anthology series that has scored Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd in a key role. Titled White Lies, the show is a Twilight Zone style series which will be hosted by Lloyd as he looks at a selection of weird tales in each episode. 

Conan O’Brien writer and Shrinkage creator Rob Kutner has scripted the series, which will be helmed by Hart, who has directed the 2007 cult thriller Bone Dry and film-based web series, Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles.

I’ve seen a few bits and pieces of the work in progress and it has strong visuals and tremendous sense of the bizarre  (check out the images above) – just the type of thing you want from a show like this.

Hart and Kutner are currently pitching the series to a selection of traditional and online channels  – and hopefully it’ll find a home soon.

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