Eric Stoltz As Marty McFly In BACK TO THE FUTURE

One of the great all-time casting switcheroos was when Michael J. Fox replaced Eric Stoltz a few weeks into the shoot of Robert ZemeckisBack To The Future. This image shows Stoltz as Marty McFly alongside Christopher Lloyd‘s Doc Brown. 

Stoltz apparently wasn’t bringing the required ‘zing’ to the character and it was decided that it would be best if the actor was ‘let go’. It cost the $14 million production an additional $3 million to reshoot the material that Stoltz had already filmed. 

Michael J. Fox was originally the first choice to play the time travelling teen but his commitments to the sitcom Family Ties meant that scheduling was an issue. After a bit of rejigging and long days for Fox, he was able to shoot Back To The Future and Family Ties simultaneously. The rest is history. 

Release in 1985, Back To The Future grossed more than $211 million at the US box office and over $388 million worldwide.