DVD Review: Uwe Boll’s BLOODRAYNE 2: DELIVERANCE Is As Bad As You’d Expect


Uwe Boll is often called the worst film director since Ed Wood. Whilst Wood’s work has gained cult status due to its kitsch quality, the jury is still out on Boll. Having never viewed a Boll film I was curious to see if his work was as bad as people say and there’s a very simple answer to all of this. Yes it is.

Whilst many will argue over the belief in the auteur theory or that film is a collaborative medium, few will want to take credit for the cinematic disaster that is BloodRayne 2: Deliverance. One can only presume that the original BloodRayne turned a tidy profit in order for a sequel to have seen the light of day, and it must have surely been better than this. The plot of the film has some interesting ideas – a period Vampire western with a bloodsucking Billy the Kid, but that’s where all originality and interest ends. BloodRayne 2 is a totally amateur affair, and its budget could have been used to fund something with a better script and performances.

When reviewing a film I like to look for some positives; few films can be all bad, but BloodRayne 2 manages it on just about all fronts. Terrible performances, shoddy direction, poor music and appalling cinematography make the film a failure on all levels. The buck must surely fall with Boll, who seems to bask in the negative publicity thrown his way. No western or Vampire cliché is left untouched by Boll, who I can only imagine feels that lack of originality is homage.

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance is a failure on pretty much all levels of the cinematic spectrum. One can only presume that Boll has no quality control, and only a basic grasp of the film-making concepts. What makes all this worse is that Boll has a plan for BloodRayne 3. Avoid.

Special Features

Life is unfair, great movies often get very sparse extras, but BloodRayne 2 gets a commentary (with Boll and his cinematographer), deleted scenes and a “making of” documentary. The commentary is almost as shambolic as the film, with Boll’s phone going off during the recording – and their crazy belief that Boll and his cinematographer have made something good!