DVD Review: THE REVEREND Is A Dire British Horror Film

A young Reverend is attacked by a vampire, and he uses his new found bloodlust to clean up his corrupt village. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, don’t get excited – it’s terrible.

Don’t let the inclusion of Rutger Hauer’s name in the credits of this Brit-horror fool you – he’s onscreen for all of three minutes, in a prologue that has more tension than the rest of the film combined.

The Reverend is poorly shot and atrociously acted. Stuart Brennan is utterly forgetful as the titular Reverend – you could say that he lacks bite. Shane Ritchie appears in a Clockwork Orange-inspired cameo, which is bizarrely, the highlight of the film (which isn’t saying much).

The Reverend purports to be based on a graphic novel – one that is yet to be published, and I can only hope that this vampire tale works better on the page than it does on the screen.