Easy Money II: Hard To Kill (Snabba Cash II) is the follow-up the the well received 2010 film, Easy Money. That film saw RoboCop and The Killing star Joel Kinnaman as JW, a young graduate who gets involved in the drug world. Things didn’t end well, and JW found himself in prison – and that’s where he is when this sequel begins.

JW is on the cusp of release and he has big plans for when he gets out. He intends to go into business with a friend, delivering a piece of software that should make him rich and keep him on the right side of the law. However, he’s double crossed when his friend takes all the credit (along with the cash) and he soon falls back into his old criminal ways.

It’s never easy making a sequel – it’s difficult to walk the line of delivering something fresh, while also retaining what made the original work. Easy Money II manages to do this, despite Baba Najafi replacing Daniel Espinosa in the director’s chair. Najafi knows how to milk the tension, creating some strong moments. However, the film never gets into the dark territory where it really needs to go. If feels as if Najafi, as a director is holding something back.

Easy Money’s main problem is Joel Kinnaman. There’s something about the actor that doesn’t ring true. He’s more of a supporting player than a leading man and the film’s best moments happen when he’s not on screen. He’s not bad as such – just miscast.

Scandinavian thrillers are hugely popular at the moment and Easy Money II: Hard To Kill is yet another success (Easy Money III has already been made). It might not be 100% fresh, but it has enough tense moments to keep you thrilled.