DVD Review: Low Budget Sci-Fi MEMORY LANE Will Inspire Your Filmmaking Fire

memory-lane copy

Flatliners meets Source Code – that’s the best way to describe Memory Lane, a low budget science fiction drama about a former soldier who repeatedly kills himself to track down the killer of his fiance.

Memory Lane is a little rough around the edges, but it works because of the concept and the hard work of writer/director Shawn Holmes. Shot for a couple of hundred dollars, this is the type of film that should inspire young filmmakers to take matters into other own hands and shoot their own movie. The performances may not be out of this world, but Holmes has picked a cast that works well within the confines of the film. You’re never going to get Academy Award winning performances in something like this, but everyone does a decent job. There’s nothing flashy about this but it’s clear that all involved in Memory Lane want to be making it. Holmes has gone out of his way to make a low budget film that straddles the line between art house and populist fare. He may not have the market, but he certainly has the product to show-off his skills as a filmmaker.

I love movies like Memory Lane – they energise me as a reviewer, showing me something that fails to hit the mainstream. Filmmakers like Holmes take matters into their own hands, delivering strong features, without having to do down the horror road (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But Memory Lane shouldn’t just energise me – it should energise young filmmakers out there If you have the will and the equipment then you can do this too. Don’t sit around planning your next feature, go out and make it.

Memory Lane is exactly the type of film that digital technology should expose. Strong filmmakers who can create something unique on a small budget. Movies like these don’t have to be amazing on a technical level, they just have to be good – and Memory Lane is. Check it out.

Special Features

If the film of Memory Lane inspires you then the extras on this Monster DVD will too. A great (if a tad serious) commentary from Holmes covers the film’s production. A few behind the scenes odds and ends, short films and a failed Kickstarter video complete this treasure trove of extras. If this package doesn’t make you get off your ass and make a move then nothing will.