DVD Review: Jackie Chan Cameos in BLADE OF KINGS (That’s The Highlight)


The original title for Blade of Kings is The Twins Effect II – it’s a sequel, but it has nothing to do with 2003’s The Twins Effect other than it features stars Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. The pair are famous for being the Hong Kong Tween pop sensation Cantopop. Think of an Asian, female Jedward, only with better hair. That’s really all you need to know. Oh, and the film also has Jackie Chan in a cameo.

The Cantopop chicks might be a big sensation in China, but they mean Bo Didley on these shores, and that means Blade of Kings must stand on its own two-feet (okay, maybe four feet) if it wants it succeed. It doesn’t.

Set in a matriarchal ancient world, Blade of Kings follows … okay, okay. Look – it’s a boring “quest movie”, with a bright colours, wonky plot, and CGI augmented fight scenes. It’s pretty dire. It might have been a success in China, but it plays like sub-standard episodes of Monkey and The Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers sliced together, with the charm removed.

For sadists, viewers with ADD and Jackie Chan fans only. If you’re all three then you’ve hit the jackpot.