God of Vampires shouldn’t work as a film. It has zero budget – and I mean that almost literally. The acting is often subpar and certain technical aspects wouldn’t be up to snuff in a student film. However, having said that, it’s an enjoyable romp that is reminiscent of the early Peter Jackson effort, Bad Taste.

The film follows hit-man, Frank Ng as he goes head to head with a Chinese vampire – cue lots of bloody violence and an incredible amout of overturned tables. Director Rob Fitz has the sense to know that you need to have your tongue firmly in your cheek when your budget is this low, and he gets the tone right. It’s as if he took Big Trouble In Little China, From Dusk Till Dawn, Lost Boys, Bad Taste, El mariachi and Clerks, dropped them in a blender and hit the switch.

Like I said previously – certain aspects of the film come off as amateur, with the sound mix being on the dodgy side, while the occasional editing misdemeanour blights the tension. Although, the film does feature some stunning visuals, which indicates that there is talent lurking behind the camera.

God of Vampires is utterly ridiculous in its concept and its execution. Check it out!