DVD Review: DEAR GOD NO! Is A Grindhouse Nightmare


Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez really opened a cinematic Pandora ’s Box when the made Grindhouse (Death Proof and Planet Terror). It unleashed a long dormant style of filmmaking that has led to some really good movies (Michael Biehn’s The Victim) and some really, really bad ones – like Dear God No!

James Bickert’s biker/monster film is cheap and nasty, he takes things over the line – using the Grindhouse aesthetic as an excuse to show murder, rape and carnage – the reason? He feels that he can, or that he should. Everything about Dear God No! is disastrous, from the performances and direction to the shoddy monster effects.I’m sure that Bickert will defend it and say that was the point and that it’s an exercise in irony, but it just looks like he’s using the Grindhouse style to cover-up bad filmmaking. In fact, I’m pretty sure that he is.

The digital revolution democratised filmmaking, making it available to all, no matter how big the budget. However, Dear God No! shows that you need talent and at the very least…a story.

Special Features

The two-disc DVD of Dear God No! comes with two versions of the movie and a good smattering of extras including behind the scenes footage and commentaries – it’s a shame the movie is terrible.