DVD Review: Danish Thriller ID:A Lacks Thrills

ida-review copy

ID:A is a Danish thriller that’s light on thrills and heavy on tedium.

Christian E. Christiansen’s film opens with a woman (Tuva Novotny) waking in the French countryside, with a bag of cash and no idea of her past or who she is. She trudges to the nearest village where she catches the eye of the local hotelier and some mysterious men. She soon learns that she is in fact Danish-even though she speaks fluent French (we are told that she has a funny accent). Anyway, she makes it to Copenhagen where discovers that her name is Ida (ID:A!) and she is married to a famous singer. Ida then tries to piece together past events in order to rebuild her life…and…well, all that usual generic amnesiac thriller malarkey.

To cut a long story short ID:A is pretty boring. Any excitement occurs in the last act, and by then it’s too late to muster any interest in such moribund thriller. The flashback structure also zaps the movie of all tension, leading to a finale that is not only ludicrous but also anti-climatic and intrusive.

There are a lot of good Danish film out there, ID:A isn’t one of them.