DVD Review: Belfast Shot Horror THE BLOOD HARVEST Is An Entertaining Genre Movie

3 out of 5 stars


The Blood Harvest hits all the right low budget horror marks. George Clark’s blends a lot of different elements together to deliver an entertaining sci-fi mystery.

Obsessive Detective Jack Chaplin (Robert Render) is searching for a serial killer who is stalking the streets of Belfast. His farfetched theories see him sidelined from the force but he secretly works with his partner (Jean-Paul Van der Velde) in order to track down the killer as the death toll rises.

Shot in Belfast, The Blood Harvest was filmed on a low budget and Clark makes the most of his locations, infusing the film with some interesting visuals. Most of the film takes place on an isolated farm but there are a few scenes at the city’s Titanic Quarter. Clark keeps things simple and he knows the horror genre and his film plays like Se7en meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There’s a right amount of blood to keep gore fiends happy and several interesting action beats.

It might be a little rough around the edges (understandable for this type of movie) but there’s much to enjoy in George Clark’s movie. It’s great to see Belfast’s burgeoning filmmaking scene deliver entertaining films and The Blood Harvest is an enjoyable genre picture.

Special Features

The DVD of The Blood Harvest comes with an impressive 30 minute making-of and a blooper reel. This is a solid little disc.