DVD Review: Antonio Banderas & Ben Kingsley Star In The Fun & Thrilling SECURITY

4 out of 5 stars

Movies In Focus enjoyed the hell out of Security, the latest Nu Image/ Millennium Films action flick headlined by Antonio Banderas. This throwback actioner has a lot to offer: Banderas gives yet another energetic performance and Ben Kingsley chews scenery like a decade old Highland toffee as the movie’s big, bad villain. Sure, it’s all very silly and essentially ‘Die Hard in a shopping centre’ meets Assault On Precinct 13, but what’s not to like about a premise like that?

The Man from Malaga plays a down-on-his luck-soldier who takes a low paid job as a night-time security guard in order to stay close to his estranged wife and daughter. During his first shift a young girl arrives pursued by a group of heavily armed bad guys led by Sir Ben – and Antonio is having none of it. He goes into full-on protect mode as Kingsley huffs, puffs and blows the bloody doors off. Then the shift really hits the fan as bullets are fired bombs explode.

Canadian helmer Alain Desrochers directs Security with assurance, throwing in good humour and quirky moments to give the film some character. He makes Banderas looks cool, while delivering some impressive old school action sequences. I also enjoyed Liam McIntyre’s turn as the doofus side-kick, a Jack Burton type-character who really doesn’t know…jack.

I love that Nu Image/ Millennium Films is still making this type of flick (i.e action movies for men of a certain age). These things don’t break the bank budget-wise but they offer enough quality to make them worth checking out. Sometimes you just want a silly shoot-em-up with a good actor – and with Security you get the double-whammy of Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley.

Security isn’t perfect (I have a few editing niggles), but I enjoyed it immensely. This might be a straight-to-DVD/VOD B-movie, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than most of the movies clogging-up the multiplex these days.