DVD Review: Andrew Garfield And Michael Shannon Star In Credit Crunch Drama 99 HOMES

3 out of 5 stars


Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon use their superhero movie clout to star in director Ramin Bahrani’s 99 Homes. Both Garfield and Shannon offer-up great performances in this morally ambiguous credit-crunch drama.

Garfield plays Dennis, a hardworking single father who is having trouble making ends meet and loses his home to evil but charismatic property mogul Rick Carver (Shannon). Dennis is given the chance to work for Carver and he’s soon seduced by his wealth and the opportunity to rebuild his life.

99 Homes is a human scale drama that puts the focus on the acting. Andrew Garfield shows that he has a life away from the Spider-Man franchise and Shannon once again delivers an intense and multi-layered performance. The duo spend a lot of screen time together in Bahrani’s film and they both manage to hold your attention. Comic book films might pay the bills but movies like this feed the artistic soul.

You’ll find yourself conflicted with the morals in 99 Homes and you might even wonder what you would do if you were in in Garfield’s scuffed shoes. This is a well made drama that hits the mark on an emotional and thematic level. Both Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon give awards worthy performances and it’s a shame that they didn’t get a bit more credit for their work.

99 Homes is definitely worth checking out.


99 Homes is out now on Digital HD and is available on Blu-ray and DVD 25th Jan.