Duncan Jones Unveils The First Look At Orgrim Doomhammer From WARCRAFT


Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie is a year away – but that means we should be getting really excited. That’s how it goes, right? The hype builds a year in advance now. I blame Roland Emmerich and Sony, who thrust a Godzilla teaser trailer on us way back in 1997 – a full year before the movie opened.

Here’s a shot of a fully-CGI Orgrim Doomhammer (the bad guy in the film) courtesy of ILM. I’ll admit this looks like impressive CGI – but there’s no context. What’ll he look like when he moves?

I’ve no interest in an adaptation of the videogame Warcraft, even though Jones directed the rather good Moon and Source Code. On the plus side – I have a year to change my mind.

Warcraft opens in June 2016.