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We Don’t Want A Reboot Of THE MATRIX

Why do we need a reboot of The Matrix?

The Matrix is one of the defining movies in cinema history. It came from nowhere back in 1999 and changed the face of how science fiction and action movies were made. The Wachowskis tapped into something that Hollywood didn’t know audiences wanted and it gave the world ‘bullet time’, ‘wire-fu’ and manga influenced sci-fi action philosophy. Simply put, nobody had seen anything like The Matrix when it was released in March 1999.

The first film grossed $171 million in the US and over $463 million globally. The Matrix Reloaded scored $281 million domestically and $742 million worldwide, while The Matrix Revolutions saw the heat cool, but it still banked $139 million domestically and $427 million on a global level. These are still serious numbers that hold up – so it’s easy to see why Warner Bros want to try and get back into the Matrix business.

Warner Bros. is currently trying to figure out an angle on how to proceed (they’ve set up a writer’s room) and the Wachowskis aren’t involved at this stage, but they’ve had a few big budget bombs in recent years – so they might be open to the idea. Star Keanu Reeves once again has heat after the John Wick movies re-established his box office clout, but he has said he’d only be up for a sequel if the Wachowskis are involved. Meanwhile, cash-strapped producer Joel Silver has approached Warner Bros, but they don’t seem interested in his input (he apparently sold hits rights to the studio and pissed-off the Wachowskis in the past).

We don’t need a reboot or a continuation of The Matrix. The first movie did everything that any movie would ever hope to achieve and the sequels failed to live up to it. They might rehash or reboot but they won’t recapture the magic. Of course they’ll try, but they will fail.

Source: THR

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