Doctor Sleep Filmmaker Bringing Stephen King’s REVIVAL To The Screen

Doctor Sleep writer/director Mike Flanagan is adapting Stephen King novel, Revival for the big screen. The 2014 book is one of King’s finest works over the last decade, and it follows the relationship between a minister and musician as their lives criss-cross over several years. Obviously, there’s a touch of the supernatural to proceedings.  It’s an impressive book and it should make for a good adaptation. 

At the minute Flanagan is just writing the screenplay and producing, but he does an option to direct. Flanagan did a good job with bringing King’s Doctor Sleep to the screen in 2019(read the Movies In Focus review). Sadly, it was a film which had a lot of expectation placed on it following the massive success of the two It movies and the fact it was following Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It may have floundered at the box office, but it has the potential to become something of a cult classic.