Director Kevin Reynolds Tackles Jesus Christ In RESURRECTION


Kevin Reynolds is a very fine director. He’s a man who never gets the credit he deserves, despite having helmed the likes of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Waterworld, The Count of Monte Cristo, One Eight Seven and Hatfields and McCoys. That’s a pretty great filmography. Reynolds is a director who has old-fashioned cinematic values, he uses classic storytelling techniques to make movies with a timeless feel. That makes him the perfect director to helm Resurrection, a film about the 40 days following the death of Jesus Christ.

LD Entertainment will produce and finance the film which has been written by Paul Aiello.

According to Deadline:

“The Resurrection is told through the eyes of an agnostic Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilate to investigate rumors of a risen Jewish Messiah and to locate Christ’s missing body in order to subdue an imminent uprising in Jerusalem. Along Centurion’s mission, his doubts of such a supernatural occurrence peel away as he encounters the Apostles and other historic Biblical characters and reviews the events following the Resurrection.”

Casting of this will be crucial – like Mel Gibson’s powerful The Passion Of The Christ – but LD Entertainment CEO, Mickey Liddell is also name-checking Gladiator in tone. That’s something that makes this biblical epic very exciting. Reynolds has the talent, so Resurrection is a movie to watch when it opens on Easter weekend 2015.

I’ll have more when this develops.

Source: Deadline