Directing – Michael Bay Style


I like Michael Bay.

I think he’s made some great action films – The Rock, The Bad Boys movies, Armageddon and Pearl Harbour all work on a wonderful cinematic level. They’re muscle and grease. However, things took a downward turn after The Island (not great, but he was trying) and the Transformers movies play to every excess that Bay (and Hollywood) holds dear. A real shame.

I can’t help but think that Bay’s spiral into senseless popcorn fare has something to do with the break in his partnership with producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Although, he too seems to have been taken-in by the easy buck, churning out Pirates of the Caribbean films and other rubbish family fare like Prince of Persia.

Pain and Gain offers some hope, it’s a project that Bay has been trying to make for a decade, but I can’t help but feel worried when I see Mark Wahlberg.

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