Dear Michael Bay, Please Stop Making TRANSFORMERS Movies



I saw the above photograph and felt the need to say something.

You don’t need the Transformers franchise. I know the films have grossed billions at the box office and they’ve enabled you to play with hundreds of millions of dollars and the latest film technology – but you’re better than this. You’re a talented director, a visualist and a master of mise-en-scène. I genuinely believe your movies will be studied for years to come.

You had a tremendous 10 year run from Bad Boys to The Island, offering up action movies with style and ingenuity. I loved those movies – The Rock is your masterpiece, Armageddon is one of my favourite summer blockbusters,  Bad Boys II took action to the next level. Pearl Harbour was a gloriously old-school epic with stunning visuals (the POV bomb drop was something else).

I can understand the appeal of the first Transformers movie (even if I didn’t enjoy it – I wanted to, I really did), but I don’t understand how you could make five of these things! Sure, you’ve been able to get Pain and Gain and 13 Hours produced off the back of their success (kudos for that), but you should be able to spread your wings again.

You’ve paid your dues man, move on and give us more movies which are worthy of your talents. Not just CGI hell and toy sales.

Come on Michael, what do you say?

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in June 2017.