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Criticism Vs Creativity: From Film Critic To Screenwriter  


Imagine this:

You spend a decade reviewing films, critiquing every aspect from the script to direction to the musical score. You praise some, criticise others, sometimes doing so with a sense of self-congratulatory smugness. How you laugh and guffaw when you’re able to make a witty pun at the expense of a film’s title or feel a serious sense of worth when a film that you always sensed was dire turned to be an industrial strength stinker. Visualise sitting behind a keyboard, bashing out a review of the films that people have spent months and even years making, putting their heart and soul into. Of course they haven’t blatantly set out to make a bad movie, the stars may have just misaligned with the incorrect formation and the events weren’t truly fitting for them to make a good one.  However, with a few taps of the keyboard you’ve thrust your opinion out into the world, informing your audience that some films are quite simply dreadful.

Can you imagine that?

Now imagine you’re that same film reviewer though you’re now at the premiere of a film which you’ve co-written. You’re now at the mercy of the audience, the critics, hoping that the chemistry was right, that the talent was there, that the stars actually did align. Have your words made it to the screen in a cohesive way and are you a talented enough writer to have given the correct ingredients to the film’s cast and crew?

No longer did I have to imagine it when I sat down to watch Capricious at the Leicester Short Film Festival last Friday, a film I had co-written with my friend Jordan Handford. The good news is that the short film turned out to be, in my critical opinion, truly excellent. My co-writer and the director of the film, Jordan Handford, delivered a stunning film based on the screenplay. Of course, I’m biased (this is my movie site, so tough) but it wasn’t just our writing that made the film an engaging piece of entertainment. The cast and crew were uniformly great, helping breathe life to our words, taking what we had put on the page and bringing it to life in a way that neither of us could have imagined when we sat typing it out many, many months ago.

Read about how how Capricious went from the page to the screen.

Capricious will be playing in a selection of film festivals in the future.

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