Clive Barker Joins HBO’s HELLRAISER As Executive Producer

Author and filmmaker Clive Barker has joined HBO’s new Hellraiser series as Executive Producer. Barker of course created the Hellraiser franchise, writing the novel, The Hellbound Heart which was the basis for the first film in 1987 – which he also wrote and directed. 

David Gordon Green has been handed the key to the puzzle box and he’s developing the new series for HBO. Green will direct the pilot for Hellraiser and several more episodes of the series, which will be written by Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty. 

Green has form in dusting-off old horror franchises and reconnecting with their originators. His continuation of John Carpenter’s Halloween saw Carpenter return to the 40 year old franchise as Executive Producer and composer. That film cost just $10 million and grossed $255 million globally.

If Green pays the same respect to Hellraiser, then HBO might have a big hit on their hands . 

Source: Deadline