Check Your Watch And Be Ready For TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT


After a successful festival run, and virtual cinema release, earlier this year, Erik Bloomquist’s Ten Minutes To Midnighwill arrive VOD and all digital platforms on 19 January from 1091 pictures.

Movies In Focus caught the film at last year’s GrimmFest, calling it ‘a surprising horror film which has a lot to offer.’ I was particularly impressed by Caroline Williams performance saying that the actress ‘excels in the lead role and you really buy her history as the late night DJ who has three decades of airtime under her belt. We know that Williams has the chops for horror, but she’s also great on a dramatic level here and Ten Minutes To Midnight gives the actress a lot of material she can sink her teeth into (no pun intended).’

You can read the full Movies In Focus review of Ten Minutes To Midnight here.