CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Gets A Release Date – Do We Have Marvel Saturation?


The release date for Captain America 2 has been announced. So, get your diary out and mark April 4, 2014 as the day when you get to see “The First Avenger’ for the second time.

Is anyone else getting bored by the assembly line style in which Marvel is knocking these movies out?

Sure, it’s great that they’re managing to give fans the opportunity to see their favourite comic book heroes on the big screen, something which would have seemed impossible about a decade ago. The films aren’t even that bad, but they’re coming at us too thick and too fast. We need breathing time.

I understand that Marvel has been gearing these movies towards The Avengers, but with Captain America 2, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 on the way, it looks like these movies will never end.

I’m sensing that there may be market place saturation and that audiences are going to start getting bored. We shall see.

Source: Deadline