Bruce Willis, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart Join Woody Allen’s Latest Untitled Movie


It was just last week (following news that he was taking to the Broadway stage to star in Misery) that I pondered if Bruce Willis was going to reinvent himself in a new phase of his career following a string of substandard action-thrillers. It looks like I was right, as Willis has now signed to star in Woody Allen’s next feature. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart will also star in the film – which as with most Woody Allen movies at this early stage – has no synopsis or title.

Willis’ attachment to the film shows that he’s really mixing-it-up on an acting level these days, much like he did the 1990s when he starred in variety of independent fare. It’ll be great to see him embrace that side of his acting again.

Woody Allen’s next film, Irrational Man starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix opens in July 2015 and he also has an Amazon Prime series in the works.

Source: Deadline