Brad Bird Not Directing STAR WARS: EPISODE VII


Brad Bird has confirmed that he is not directing Star Wars: Episode VII. Can you confirm that you aren’t doing something?

Anyway he’s not directing the next instalment of Star Wars, which will be written Michael Arndt, but he does big-up 1952, the science fiction movie that he is doing, which may star George Clooney.
Bird took to Twitter to make the “announcement” over several tweets:

“Not doing Star Wars.”
“The science fiction film I AM doing is gonna be cool.”
“I’m not slamming Star Wars. I’m just doing “1952”!”
“Michael Arndt is a fantastic writer and Kathy Kennedy is a brilliant producer. I will be first in line to see the new STAR WARS.”

So, that’s Brad Bird, Steven Spielberg, J.J Abrams, Quentin Tarantino, Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder off the list. Who will be next to take themselves out of the running?

They’ll have to make the announcement soon, if they want to get this sucker to meet the 2015 release date.

I’m still betting on Jon Favreau.

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Sources: AICN and Brad Bird