Box Office: From THE LONE RANGER To The Loan Arranger


UPDATED: Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been dying to make that pun for a long, long time. Disney took a $250 million gamble with The Lone Ranger, an expensive western – it didn’t pay-off.

The 21st Century update of the iconic masked man, The Lone Ranger was something of a passion for Johnny Depp, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski (they fought to get the film made, when it was killed by Disney because of the budget).

The trio made Pirates of The Caribbean a decade ago, a project that many wrote off as a disaster waiting to happen before its release. That film spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise. The Lone Ranger (barring a miracle) will not.

The film scored $9.6 million on Wednesday (4th of July), Thursday saw a slight increase to $9.7 million and it grossed $10.6 and $10.5 million on Friday and Saturday . It should do around $48.5 million over the five day US holiday, a far cry from the $75 million that Disney (at one point) hoped it would score.

Westerns generally don’t travel internationally, so The Lone Ranger will have its work cut-out if it wants to recoup its large budget and squeeze out a profit.

Can anyone say Wild Wild West?

Source: Deadline