4 out of 5 stars

Roger Moore was a true screen legend who touched many people with his iconic turns in the classic television shows The Saint and The PersuadersOf course, Moore will always be remembered for his 12-year, 7 movie run as Ian Fleming’s James Bond

Roger Moore was Movies In Focus’ first-ever screen hero and his James Bond will always be my Bond. I admired his style, his wit and his self-deprecating humour. I had the opportunity to see him on stage discussing his life and career and he was simply everything that you would want from a movie star. 

As a writer, Moore delivered a selection of hugely readable memoirs – The 007 Diaries: Filming Live and Let Die, My Word Is My Bond, Bond On Bond, and Last Man Standing: Tales. His final book, À bientô was published posthoumosly after his death in 2017. Those books (with the exception of the Live and Let Die tome) were co-authored/ghostwritten with Gareth Owen, Moore’s longtime executive assistant. 

Now Owen gets the opportunity to get his name over the title with his new book, Raising an Eyebrow: My Life with Sir Roger Moore. It’s a tale of how a young James Bond fan ended up getting involved in the British film industry before becoming the assistant of his boyhood hero in 2002. Owen’s enthusiasm is evident in the prose. This is a book crafted out of love and affection for its subject with plenty of detail on Moore’s relationship with the likes of Michael Caine, Sean Connery and Barbara Broccoli. 

Raising and Eyebrow is a rich with wonderful stories of Roger Moore and his life. It’s a behind the scenes look at the star and it offers up very unique insight into the former 007 in his private moments. You get the opportunity to see what life was like for the 007 as he navigates book tours, films events and his much loved UNICEF activities. It’s a book filled with wit and humour, but it’s also incredibly poignant as Owen discusses the last days of his employer and friend before he finally succumbed to cancer. 

Raising an Eyebrow: My Life with Sir Roger Moore is a book you simply must read if you’re a fan of movies, James Bond or Roger Moore. 

Raising an Eyebrow: My Life with Sir Roger Moore is out now from The History Press