JAWS-BOOK The making of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is a remarkable story, one which has now been collected in the Titan Book, Jaws: Memories From Martha's Vineyard. Matt Taylor’s mighty volume covers the blockbuster's turbulent production from a variety of angles, including the filmmakers and the inhabitants of Martha’s Vineyard (where the film was shot).

Memories From Martha’s Vineyard eschews the usual making-of perspective, distancing itself from the principal characters involved, telling the story from the view point of those further down the creative totem pole. The 296 page tome is a remarkable read, diving to depths that other (more superficial) books only hint at. Jaws aficionados will be delighted by the amount of detail delivered here, including tales of how some of the local inhabitants were furious at the production arriving in their community and how planning regulations caused a headache for the production.

Taylor’s book is the ultimate companion to the new Jaws Blu-ray release, featuring some superb photographs which help illustrate the sheer effort which went into making this classic film (read my review). Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard may not be for the casual reader, but Jaws enthusiasts will be thrilled, making this a must for their coffee tables. You definitely won’t need a bigger book.