Book Review: Get A Hollywood Entourage With Ari Gold’s THE GOLD STANDARD: RULES TO RULE BY


The Hollywood dream is to arrive in the city of angels with nothing, only to go on to achieve tremendous wealth and success within the film industry. That’s exactly what agent turned studio head Ari Gold did. His autobiography The Gold Standard: Rules To Rule By charts his rise and rise, from humble graduate to Hollywood mogul.

Gold doesn’t pull any punches in this memoir. Gold is much too successful to worry about who can be offended by his caustic prose. He calls ‘em like he sees ‘em and that’s what makes The Gold Standard imminently readable. Gold writes like an old school raconteur, delivering delicious tails with wit and enthusiasm. Be it how he scores multi-million dollar deals for the likes of Aquaman star Vincent Chase or how he may have originated the famous dialogue of Gordon Gecko, Gold constantly amuses and entertains with his powerful prose.

However, The Gold Standard is more than a piece of entertainment. Gold sets out to educate and inform. He delves deep into his failures as well as success, illustrating the many pitfalls of working in Hollywood. He covers such topics as (unsuccessfully) attempting to make a star out model turned television actor Jon Sands to publishing full email exchanges with infamous sitcom writer-producer Bill Bickley. Gold has no fear. He has no limits.

Throughout The Gold Standard, Gold comes across as a man driven to be the best at what he does. He’s clearly driven, but he’s fuelled by the passion for his work. In this memoir he mentions how he retired only to become bored after a few days. Gold isn’t just a man; he’s a Hollywood machine, a power player like no other.

The Gold Standard: Rules To Rule By isn’t for the faint hearted. Ari Gold is loud, brash and rude but he knows what he’s talking about. This is a book that’s not only essential reading for those interested in movies – it’s an indispensable tome for telling you how to lead your life.