Book Review: Comic Fans Will Love THE BRONZE AGE OF DC COMICS


Taschen’s The Bronze Age of DC Comics is a tremendous look at the company that brought Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to the world. Written by former DC Comics president Paul Levitz, this 416 page book tackles the company’s heavy-hitting characters as well as titles that have been long forgotten (or unknown) by most comic book readers. This is an incredibly well researched volume which includes the type of high resolution images that will have DC fans salivating.

The Bronze Age of DC Comics covers the period from 1970 to 1984, when the world of comic books changed from the brightly coloured throwaway pieces of children’s entertainment to darker-tinged collectables. As you can imagine, Levitz’s book has incredible access and detail into the world of DC and this makes it a must-own for comic aficionados. There’s a wonderful interview with famed writer Dennis (Denny) O’Neal, the man who helped redefine the likes of Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Batman in the 1970s.

Iconic artists and writers are name checked and given their due as Levitz informs the reader how they helped shape not just the plethora of DC stories but also the the comic book industry. The shifting change of culture throughout the 1970s saw a change in how comic books were distributed as the rise in comic book stores and conventions helped open the medium up to a whole new audience. The book also looks at how the iconic DC characters impacted film and television, with the Wonder Woman TV series and Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie getting particular attention.

The Bronze Age of DC Comics will make the perfect addition to the book shelves (and coffee tables) of comic book fans. It’s a wonderful look at the classic characters and forgotten books that have helped shape the minds of generations of readers. It also gives a look at the history of comic books over a time of tremendous change and the talents that helped to keep fans coming back for more. Superb!


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