Book Review: Alec Baldwin’s NEVERTHELESS Is A No-Holds-Barred Hollywood Memoir

Alec Baldwin’s Nevertheless is a Hollywood memoir that doesn’t pull any punches. Baldwin’s book looks at his career as an actor from his early days on Dallas spin-off Knott’s Landing to his recent stint as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live – and he lets you know his thoughts on everyone and everything that happened throughout this time. It’s a thrilling read and you’ll coast through the book in no time, enjoying Baldwin’s honesty and humour as he talks about the flops, the hits, the highs and the lows. It’s as if he doesn’t care about his reputation – only the truth (or at the very least, his side of the story).

Baldwin has always been an actor who lets people know what’s on his mind and he doesn’t disappoint with this no-holds-barred memoir. Baldwin balances his personal tales with the professional and one of the most shocking moments in the book is when we learn about his drinking and drug use in the 1980s. It’s not told in a sensationalist way, but with the knowing that he managed to save his own life and his career by taking action.

The book has many highlights, however the negotiations which saw Baldwin drop out of the Jack Ryan franchise might just be the best. We also learn about his marriage to Kim Basinger, and what it’s like to be be the focal point in a celebrity marriage and we also discover what it’s like to be frequently caught within the eye of a paparazzi storm (an the problems which ensue).

Throughout Nevertheless Baldwin lets the reader know his opnions on the people he has worked with. Sometimes this is very obvious and sometimes it’s what he doesn’t say which lets his feelings be known. He loves Anthony Hopkins, but he’s not a fan of Harrison Ford, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless comes highly recommend. It’s a fun read and you’ll be left wanting to hear more from Alec Baldwin by the time you finally put the book down.