Bond & Bond: Roger Moore Joins Pierce Brosnan On The Set Of GOLDENEYE

In 1995 James Bond finally returned to the big screen following a six year battle over rights issues between Eon and MGM. Many thought that Bond was now a relic of a bygone era, but Pierce Brosnan proved them wrong when Goldeneye opened to strong reviews and great box office. 

Brosnan was previously set to replace Roger Moore in The Living Daylights – a film he’d never make. His series Remington Steele had been cancelled but a viewing spike in the show following Brosnan’s casting as James Bond saw it renewed at the last minute. Timothy Dalton took on the role, but Brosnan finally got the gig in Martin Campbell’s Goldeneye

This image shows Roger Moore visiting Brosnan on the set of the 007 adventure, which grossed $106 million at the US box office and more than $352 million worldwide in 1995.