Blu-ray Review: Ridley Scott’s ’80s Thriller SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME

3 out of 5 stars

Someone To Watch Over Me is something of a forgotten title within Ridley Scott‘s filmography (it comes between 1985’s Legend and 1989’s Black Rain. This 1987 thriller might not be as well known as his other efforts, but it’s an enjoyable cop movie about a detective (Tom Berenger) falling in love with the witness he needs to protect (Mimi Rogers).

Released the same year as Fatal Attraction, this covers many of the same themes (Lorraine Bracco plays the wife left at home) and while it might not be as good as Adrian Lyne’s now classic film, Someone To Watch Over Me is still an enjoyable and stylish slice of entertainment. Berenger, Rogers and Bracco all excel and the film looks great thanks to Steven Poster cinematography – but would you expect anything else from Ridley Scott. . 

Special Features

The Indicator Series blu-ray of Someone To Watch Over Me comes with insightful interviews with cinematographer Steven Poster and writer Howard Franklin. You also get a good commentary from filmmaker and film historian Jim Hemphill. Good stuff.