Blu-ray Review: Ray Milland Stars In ’70s Giallo THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE

4 out of 5 stars

The Italian giallo genre can be hit or miss (for everyone great flick, there’s at least two terrible ones). However, Flavio Mogherini’s The Pyjama Girl Case manages to overcome its limitations to become an enjoyable thriller that sees Ray Milland as the retired detective tracking down the killer of an unknown girl whose body is found on a beach. We also follow the hectic horizontal social life of Dalila Di Lazzaro – who appears to be shaping-up to be the killer’s next victim.

This Australian shot Italian production has some quirky visuals, a notable score from Riz Ortolani and a few truly surprising narrative twists.

Special Features

Remasted, this Arrow DVD release comes with an commentary by Troy Howarth and interviews with editor Alberto Tagliavia and composer Riz Ortolani amongst others. You also get the choice of Italian or English audio tracks. Opt for the Italian!