Blu-ray Review: Quirky Drama COP CAR Brings Home The Bacon

3 out of 5 stars


Cop Car is the quirky crime drama that managed to gets its director Jon Watts the gig directing the latest Spider-Man reboot. It’s an assured little film that follows two boys who steal a patrol car from Kevin Bacon’s corrupt Sheriff. Stealing a Cop Car is one thing – stealing one with a body in the trunk is something else and soon Bacon is in hot pursuit.

On the surface, Cop Car sounds like a movie for kids, however it’s got quite a dark quality to it that feels like the Coen brothers when they’re straddling the line between their quirky comedies and their harder-edge crime dramas. Watts co-wrote the script with Christopher D. Ford and while it runs out of gas in the last act, it does manage to end on an interesting note that will leave you thinking once the credits roll.

Casting is key for Watts’ film and Kevin Bacon delivers a deliciously evil turn as the blundering Sheriff who is constatntly one step behind the two boys who have taken his wheel for a joyride. Meanwhile James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford both give solid performances as the school boys who end up in more trouble than they could ever have imagined.

Cop Car is filled with great moments, good performances and enough original ideas to make it worth catching. It might not have enough ideas to pack into its slight running time but this is an enjoyable little movie that’s definitely worth catching.

Special Features

You get the 20 minute long Cop Car Tour that covers a multitude of things and a rather brief Their First & Last Ride: The Making of Cop Car. Solid stuff.