Blu-ray Review: Paul Verhoeven’s WWII Thriller BLACK BOOK

After Hollow Man in 2000, director Paul Verhoeven turned his back on Hollywood and returned to Europe to make Black Book. This WWII thriller is a wonderfully executed piece, which sees future Game Of Thrones star Carice van Houten playing a former singer who goes undercover to help the Dutch Resistance. Van Houten is excellent as the conflicted heroine and Verhoeven manages to bring a few Hollywood-style tricks to make this Euro-thriller feel rather epic (despite a rather modest budget).

If there’s a flaw, it’s the film’s bookends, which aren’t truly necessary and add a sugary coating to the film – which makes it feel very un-Verhoeven.

Special Features

Black Book comes from 101 Films new Black Label and it features excellent new interviews with Paul Verhoeven and Cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlau. You also get a pair of interviews with Verhoeven and Carice van Houten from 2006.

Good stuff.

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