Blu-ray Review: JUSTICE SOCIETY: WORLD WAR II Sees Your Favourite DC Comics Heroes Battling The Nazis

3 out of 5 stars

If you’re in the mood for some DC animation, then fans of all ages will find much to enjoy in Justice Society: World War II. It’s an enjoyable romp featuring many of your favourite DC Comics heroes – but with the added twist that  most of the story takes place during WWII. That means there’s plenty of Nazi-beating action on display as Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hourman, The Flash and Steve Trevor attempt to stop Hitler’s troops taking over a war-ravaged Europe. 

Justice Society: World War II  opens in present day Metropolis with Barry Allen’s Flash and Superman battling Braniac. When The Flash hits the speed-button a touch too hard, he finds himself trapped in the past on Earth 2 as the Justice Society find themselves taking on the Nazis. He’s a man out of time – but will he manage to get back to his own world – and more importantly, will he be accepted into the Justice Society

Solid animation and strong voice work means that Justice Society: World War II looks and sounds good. However, it does look a touch like a Saturday morning cartoon – nothing wrong with that I suppose – it is an animated comic book movie after all. It simply doesn’t feel like it belongs on the next level. Having said that, the film does have a few narrative surprises which make it entertaining – I won’t get into them here because it’s spoiler territory. 

While it might not be an all-time animated classic, Justice Society: World War II has enough pizzaz to make it a fun 90 minutes.