Blu-ray Review: Jason Statham Can’t Fix The Dull And Lifeless MECHANIC: RESURRECTION

2 out of 5 stars

Jason Statham – the man, the myth, the meat-head returns in Mechanic Resurrection. This mindless action sequel takes itself far too seriously, when it should be played with the tone of a Roger Moore era James Bond adventure. If you’re in the mood for mindless, humourless action then this is the movie for you, but if you want something with depth then you might want to look elsewhere.

This sequel to the 2011 remake of the 70s Charles Bronson film sees Statham’s hit-man lured out of retirement by an evil arms dealer when his latest squeeze (Jessica Alba) is kidnapped. He gets up to all sort of Statham-esqe shenanigans, aided and abetted by Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh.

Stupid to the extreme, Mechanic Resurrection feels like a movie that time forgot. It features some of the worst studio-bound backdrops in years and it piles cliche on top of cliche to deliver an action film devoid of thrills. In fairness The Stath delivers the goods on the action front but the man appears to have had a serious humour bypass. This would have been much more palatable if it was all done with its tongue in its cheek. Everybody comes along for a paycheque and poor Tommy Lee Jones appears to have signed up so that he could buy a few more horses for his ranch.

Jason Statham is the reigning king of dumb-ass action films and his vehicles have an old school mentality, using fists and stunts rather than CGI. Mechanic Resurrection is no different but there’s no pretence at offering anything new here. The film has grossed over $125 million at the global box-office – nearly double the take of it’s predecessor – indicating there’s an audience out there for more Mechanic adventures. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Special Features

You get a few behind the scenes odds and ends but they’re as disposable as the film itself.