Blu-ray Review: It’s Cat And Mouse Time For Olga Kurylenko And James Purefoy In MOMENTUM

2.5 out of 5 stars


Momentum is a slick and fast B-movie actioner that does exactly what it sets out to do. Stephen Campenelli’s thriller might not be original or even very good – but it makes for a solid piece of straight-to-DVD fluff.

The film is a cat and mouse thriller that sees Olga Kurylenko’s thief chased across Cape Town by James Purefoy’s evil, but charismatic Mr Washington. Pulling the strings is Morgan Freeman’s corrupt senator, a powerful man with everything to lose if Kurylenko lives.

Stephen Campenelli was Clint Eastwood’s longtime cameraman and he makes his directorial debut with Momentum (there’s even an Eastwood reference in the opening scene – how meta). He’s a capable director but he might want to seek out better material next time. This isn’t going to win any awards but it’s a well put together little film that gives the audience bang for its buck. Campenelli creates a semi-sci-fi world that’s a far step from reality and he makes good use of the slick, soulless and rather anonymous Cape Town location.

The script for Momentum isn’t original and the dialogue also isn’t too fresh, but former Bond Girl Kuylenko makes for a solid lead. This isn’t her first action-thriller and it appears she’s to be now muscling-in on the ass-kicking heroine territory usually reserved for the likes of Milla Jovovich. Meanwhile, Purefoy has fun as the villain of the piece and he appears to relish chewing on the over-cooked ham of his dialogue. Morgan Freeman fans will weep when they tune-in to see the actor’s turn, only to discover that it must have been shot in one day – sometime between lunch and happy hour.

I wouldn’t be a very good film reviewer if I recommended Momentum – but I can’t say that you should avoid it. If you find yourself with nothing to do and only Stephen Campenelli’s movie for company then you should give it a try. Having said that, you might have difficulty remembering it a few days later.