Blu-ray Review: GHOST STORIES


3.5 out of 5 stars

Ghost Stories sees writer-director duo Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson adopt their own stage play for the screen. It’s a fun trifecta of horror tales that sees Hyman himself play Professor Phillip Goodman, a paranormal debunker who takes on three very different tales of the unexpected. He goes in to disprove – but will he come out a believer?

There’s an undercurrent of humour throughout Ghost Stories, but each of the tales will give you the chills across their relatively slight running times. Special mention must also be made of Haim Frank Ilfman’s score and Ole Bratt Birkeland’s cinematography.

The only downside is that the film falls flat towards the end – but the rest is so good, that it’s easy to overlook this flaw.

Special Features

Andy Nyman and Jeremy and Jeremy Dyson deliver a good commentary and you also get a rather silly Rorschach Test with the cast but a good trio of other docs which cover the film’s production. Solid stuff.

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