Bill Condon Is The Perfect Person To Direct BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

Bill Condon‘s 1998 film Gods And Monsters starring Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser is something of a masterpiece (it won an Oscar in 1999 for Best Adapted Screenplay). The biopic of Frankenstein and Bride Of Frankenstein director James Whale is a wonderfully affectionate character study and nothing Condon has done since has matched its greatness. However, he has become hugely success director, helming two Twilight pics and the billion dollar grossing Beauty And The Beast.

This understanding of the source material and commercial viability make Condon the perfect man to direct the currently in development Bride Of Frankenstein, and if anyone can get the tone right it’s him. The film will be part of Universal Pictures’ shared monster universe, which kicks off this summer with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy.

Source: Deadline