Best Actor Win Gives Michael Keaton Awards Heat For SPOTLIGHT


The New York Film Critics Circle has awarded Michael Keaton with the Best Actor Award for Spotlight. Could he be on track for a successful Oscar campaign?

Saoirse Ronan won Best Actress (Brooklyn), Kristen Stewart scored Best Actress (Clouds of Sils Maria) and Mark Ryalance won Best Supporting Actor (Bridge of Spies). Todd Haynes won best director for Carol.

This is a good sign for Keaton’s awards heat but a lot of people are commentating that Spotlight is an ensemble piece and that it’s a bit odd for Keaton to be singled out. Somebody needs to win though – and why shouldn’t it be Keaton?

This is going to be a tough year in the Best Actor category during awards season – a lot of big names are vying for gold. Many think it might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year for The Revenant. One person who seems to be out in the cold is Eddie Redmayne – trans-dram The Danish Girl has so far received flaccid awards traction.

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