Ben Affleck Loses FOCUS


Ben Affleck has dropped out of the Warner Bros. film, Focus. Affleck’s departure is reportedly down to scheduling issues, but that hasn’t stopped chins-wagging that he didn’t want to do a movie with a “home wrecker” like Kristen Stewart – who is still attached to the project.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the duo behind Crazy Stupid Love are set to direct the film, which “follows a veteran grifter who partners with a girl who’s new to the life”.

Variety reports:

“Affleck is focused on writing, directing, producing and starring in Live by Night and is also in development on The Stand and the untitled Whitey Bulger project. Add in all the award-season promoting he’s been doing for Argo, and insiders said an April start date on Focus just didn’t look possible for Affleck.”

Fair enough. Focus didn’t really sound like a good fit for him anyway. These days Affleck seems to be going for a grittier aesthetic, and this sounded a touch too light.

I’m also not totally sound on Kristen Stewart as an actress, can she play anything other than glum?

Source: Variety