Behind The Scenes: Woody Allen Directs Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams On The Set Of MIDNIGHT IN PARIS

Midnight in Paris may not be vintage Woody Allen, but the 2011 film is one of his finer efforts in recent years, and like many of Allen’s films over the last fifteen or so, it is set in a major European city. This time Paris, and the opening four minutes is a love letter to the city, showing its many facets and attractions. This light hearted fantasy has become the highest grossing film in Allen’s career, scoring over $56 million at the domestic box office, (and an Oscar nomination) showing that the ageing auteur is still as relevant to cinema in the 21st Century as he has been for the last fifty years.

Owen Wilson manages to capture the essence of Woody Allen in the lead role of Gil, delivering a performance that is much better than some of his paycheck efforts. Meanwhile, Rachel McAdams manages to come across as unlikeable and bland, while Michael Sheen’s Paul has the right measure of arrogance and charm to make his small role count. Marion Cotillard works well opposite Wilson and the pair have decent chemistry, which makes Gil’s absorption into 1920s Paris seem plausible, despite its fantastical aspects.

Budgeted at $17 million, midnight In Paris grossed $56 million a the US box office and $153.9 million worldwide.